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Monday, 7 April 2014

Sports Profit System

Current 2014 profit ---> +34 units

SPS prides itself on honesty and transparent results! This page displays all past predictions and is updated nightly. All previous picks and writeups can be viewed by clicking the corresponding date on the left or the Green (wins) and Gray (losses) entries on the right.
Under Total 2%



Auto Bet Pro(ABP)

 Welcome to AutoBetPro,
If you’re looking for a long drawn out story of how I became a millionaire over night or pictures of expensive luxuries then please leave now and search ‘betting systems’ in Google.

If you’re looking for a free betting software solution that will help you become a more consistent punter and enjoy more wins than losses, then please read on.

AutoBetPro is a Betfair API solution software that runs on your computer and connects directly to the Betfair Developer Program.

The software links with Betfairs API, scans the marketplace and selects bets on your behalf, so you can be assure that AutoBetPro is a fully licenced and trusted product.

AutoBetPro has a built in system that has an average strike rate of 68% and it will only place bets if the odds, number of runners and other criteria are detected.

If a selection doesn’t fit within in your ranges, the bet will not be placed and the software will move on to the next compatible selection.

You can also run special strategies to customise the selection process.

AutBetPro comes with its own built-in system that generates a 68% strike rate or if you prefer, you can enter your own criteria.

AutoBetPro will place your bets for you at a predetermined time before the race starts. It will then only place the bet if the odds are within the range you set and certain conditions are met.

Other great features include stop loss and stop profit levels.

These settings allow the bot to stop when either your stop loss amount is triggered or you reach your profit target for the day.

AutoBetPro, I believe, is the most accurate betting solution on the market today.

Take a look at what can be achieved…


    Customers Who Order Today Get The Full AutoBetPro Package
    For A One-Time Payment Of Just £27.95

    No Subscription Fee
    No Monthly Payments
    No Hidden Charges
     It really makes decent money

Friday, 28 March 2014

Make Over $4000/week Online Without Selling, Or Referring

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Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

Hi and welcome to my site. OK, I'm going to get right to the point - I'm not going to give you the usual "rags-to-riches" story because I'm pretty sure you don't want to hear it and most people don't believe it.

What I will say though, is this...

If you're tired of all the so-called "systems" and business opportunities that require you to sell affiliate products, run pay per click advertising campaigns, operate websites or recruit new members then I have excellent news for you.

Keep reading because I guarantee that this will be the most important piece of information you will ever read about making money online... or in general for that matter.

I have discovered an amazingly simple income system that will allow you and anyone else to earn an incredible income from home, just by using your computer and the Internet.

This system is called "The Cash System Online" method and it does NOT involve any of the following:

* No building websites

* No selling products - in any way shape or form

* No advertising

* No data entry

* No Adsense

* No mailing lists

* No rebate processing

* No recruiting new members - this is not MLM

* No uplines or downlines

* No gambling

* No chain letters

* No surveys or "paid to read" programs 
I have been using this simple, 4 step system for the past couple of years to generate a mind-blowing income... and now I'm going to show you EXACTLY how.

Now I have absolutely no doubt that you've heard claims like that a thousand times before and you may have even tried a few programs already?

If you have tried then I can guarantee that you would have been required to do at least one of the following in order for you to make a profit:

1) Run a "pay per click" advertising campaign

2) Join affiliate programs

3) Recruit new members

4) Build websites

Sure, all of the above may be effective ways of making money, but are they for everyone?

Of course not!

Here's why:

1) "Pay per click" advertising costs have shot through the roof. Getting a decent ranking means paying more per click - most people end up losing money instead of making it.

2) Affiliate links and programs can be very confusing and overwhelming if you've never used them before.

3) Recruiting new members can be a waste of both time and money.

4) Building websites is time consuming, costly and too complicated for most people.

Forget about all of the above. In fact, forget EVERYTHING you think you know about making money online because I'm going to show you exactly how to make thousands of dollars by using methods that are so simple, so incredibly obvious, it still amazes me that they actually do exist.

For the past few months I have not had to sell one product, join one affiliate program or build a single website and I easily make $4000 per week without fail.


Just take a look at the earnings samples below. I will show you EXACTLY how this money is made - every single step of the way. Click Here to make over $3000/m!

Binary Options Signals - The Binary Signals is a leading Binary Options signals service provided by a dedicated team of binary experts. You no longer need to spend hours learning about or understanding the market. Our signals will tell you in real-time when and on what to trade in, putting the best trading opportunities at your fingertips. Since our signals are provided in a clear and easy format and are sent to your mobile or email, being a master at Binary Options trading is possible with

Our Binary Options trading signals open the world of Binary Options trading by identifying profitable trading opportunities and providing you with this vital information.

  •  Our signals are provided by a team of Binary Options professionals
  •  Our experts analyze the market 24/7
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  •  Our signals are provided in real-time via SMS or email
  •  Our signals free you from making risky trade decisions
  •  Our signals offer over 72% monthly accuracy

Our Binary Options signals are not only for professional traders – ANYONE can make money using the signals provided by our experts - even if you have NEVER traded before.

  •  No spending hours analyzing the market
  •  No difficult trading decisions
  •  No searching for profitable trades
  •  No researching the wide selection of Binary Options brokers
  •  No high risk and loss

Signals History - The Last Signals

OIL|CALL|At or below 101.285|2014-03-27 20:00:00|
GBP/USD|CALL|At or below 1.66311|2014-03-27 19:00:00|
GOLD|PUT|At or above 1302.710|2014-03-26 20:30:00|
EUR/USD|PUT|At or above 1.38053|2014-03-26 07:30:00|
EUR/USD|PUT|At or above 1.37794|2014-03-25 18:30:00|
EUR/USD|PUT|At or above 1.37717|2014-03-20 13:30:00|
EUR/USD|PUT|At or above 1.37667|2014-03-20 12:45:00|
EUR/USD|PUT|At or above 1.37700|2014-03-20 11:30:00|
AUD/USD|PUT|At or above 0.90226|2014-03-20 10:15:00|
EUR/USD|PUT|At or above 1.38065|2014-03-20 09:30:00|

So How Do You Become Part of Family?

Make Money Using Binary Options Signals In 4 Simple Steps


Sign Up With

Signing up with is easy to do. Simply select a signals subscription plan, complete the required information and submit your information.

Select a Binary Options Broker

We offer a variety of Binary Options brokers which we have carefully handpicked based on their quality of service and professionalism. Simply select one of our preferred choices and sign up with them.

Receive Signals

Let the trading begin! You will start to receive Binary Options signals from our experts via SMS and email. These signals are easy to use and provide the information required to carry out a successful trade including asset name, direction of trade, price and expiry time.

Place The Trade & WIN!

You are one step away from making money! Simply follow the information you have received in the signal and place the trade with your broker.
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Trading Binary Options has never been so EASY!

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